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The 2014 CMON Expo!

The 2014 CMON Expo!


May 28th, 2014


The staff at Cool Mini or Not is back in the office after the 2014 Cool Mini or Not Expo, and we had an absolute blast putting the Expo on this year!


On the gaming side of things, we had the opportunity to show off and run some of the first demos of our upcoming releases, Arcadia Quest, XenoShyft, and Ron and Bones. The games got overwhelmingly positive reactions from players, and several backers from the Arcadia Quest Kickstarter campaign were excited with the gameplay and the miniatures in person.





We also ran demos and intro tournaments for Wrath of Kings and Dark Age, introducing new players to the games, and Eric Lang and Ted Terranova were on hand to show off their newly released games, Kaosball and Rivet Wars. Not only did attendees have the opportunity to learn the latest games, they were able to learn from the creators of the games themselves.





Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower, Rodney Smith from Watch it Played, and Ayleen and George Gaspar of Toybreak were amongst the guests, and sat down to play some of the newest games. They also conducted a fantastic panel, “Table Top Made the Internet Star”, where they discussed the pros, the cons, and what it takes to be a big name in the world of game reviewing. We loved having them in town, and hope to see them back next year!





One of the biggest hits of the weekend was the standing room only panel “Season 3: Changing the Game” from Thiago Aranha and David Preti from Guillotine Games. They revealed some of the new mechanics that will be included in Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue, including team abilities, skinner zombies that can be turned into hard-to-kill crawler zombies, and new weapons.  In addition, they unveiled the first preview of the Season 3 Expansion, Angry Neighbors. Finally, they showed us the first trailer from their upcoming game, The Others, a collaboration with Studio McVey. Zombicide: Season 3 is expected to hit Kickstarter this June.




On the painting side of things, we hosted painting classes from some of the top painters in the industry, including Jen Haley, Rhonda Bender, Brandon Palmer, and Elizabeth Beckley. Besides the classes, we also had our popular Paint and Take area, where any guest who wished to could pick up a figure and try their hand at painting, sometimes even right next to an expert in the field. The first Crystal Brush qualifier of the year also took place, and the top prize went to Rhonda Bender for her piece, “Maybe I Should Have Bought Some Armor.”





One of favorite events this year, for both attendees and CMON staff, was Frankenfest, which challenged attendees to create their own unique miniature out of a pile of random pieces from assemble miniatures and boardgames. The events saw a lot of creativity, hillarity, and just plain weirdness. At the end of the weekend, awards were given out for the favorite creation, including a special mystery prize (that, of course, we can’t talk about!) The event turned out better than we could have imagined, and we can’t wait to do it again at next year’s Expo.




Cool Mini or Not would like to thank Eric Lang, Ted Terranova, Jen Haley, Rhonda Bender, Brandon Palmer, Tom Vasel, George and Ayleen Gaspar, and Rodney Smith for coming down to Atlanta, and helping to make this year’s convention as awesome as it was. We’d also like to thank all of our Exhibitors, including Cool Stuff Inc, The Miniature Building Authority, and On the Lamb Games. Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who came, and hope we’ll see them again next year!

See you in 2015 for the third annual Cool Mini or Not Expo!