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Swag Bag Contents and Hobby Events Listed


April 28th, 2017


Welcome back to another update for CMON Expo 2017!
The show’s just a couple weeks away, and we’ve got quite a big update showing off some more of the awesome stuff that will be going on at the show. Starting with…

Everyone loves swag bags. I mean, it’s awesome stuff just for coming to the show! This year’s bag is better than ever. It’s too much for just a simple picture. We made a whole video showing off what you’ll be getting!

Is that great, or what?
Pre-Registration for the show closes on May 7th! So don’t wait!

CMON is known for the awesome miniatures that people paint and show off.
It’s time for you to be one of those people, by entering your painted miniatures at the show as part of our Road to the Crystal Brush painting contest.

Painters will be able to submit their work for the chance to win airfare to Adepticon to compete in The Crystal Brush Championships! For full details and rules, check out our special Crystal Brush page.

Don’t think you’re good enough to win yet? Want to get tips from the pros? You should check out our updated Events Page. At the Expo, you’ll be able to talk with some of the greatest miniatures painters out there and learn their secrets from one of their many painting classes they’ll be having at the show. Full descriptions can be found on our Events Guide.

Who are these pros? Well, they’re the likes of…


Rhonda Bender

For years Rhonda Bender was a normal gamer. Then in 2003 she painted a miniature and was hooked. Since then Rhonda, aka Wren, has become a noted painter, working for producers like Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, and Newbold World. Her smooth brushwork and playful use of color have taken top honors in painting competitions throughout North America. Her enthusiasm, approachability, and teaching skills have made her a highly sought after instructor and frequent guest of honor at game industry events. We’re thrilled Rhonda will be joining us again as a guest artist for this year!


New Jen

Jen Haley

Jen Haley has painted more notable miniatures than a person can keep an accurate count of. Currently her work can be seen on promotional materials, books and boxes for games like Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. And when it comes to conventions, Jen can usually be found sitting at a painting table working on her latest piece. While talking to Jen might be somewhat intimidating, considering the numerous awards she has won and the prestige she has as a celebrity judge, she’s always willing to swap tips and tricks for getting your miniatures looking just right.

Be sure to check out bios for all the painters, and other guests, that will be at the show on our Special Guests page.

That’s what we’ve got for you this week. We hope to see you May 12th – 14th at the CMON Expo!