Road to the Crystal Brush 2017

How to Enter
Anyone with a weekend badge for CMON Expo is eligible to enter. Bring your entry to the Crystal Brush registration desk in the Gaming Hall before 2:00pm Saturday. It will be checked in and placed in the display cabinets with an ID number. Please keep your claim ticket and present it when you pick up your entry. This may be done any time after 12pm on Sunday. Winners will be announced on Sunday at 2:00pm.

Submission times:
Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm Deadline: 2:00pm

Awards Ceremony:
Sunday: 2:00pm

1. Sci-Fi/Modern Single Figure
Single model, 25mm to 40mm scale, on a base no larger than 60mm diameter, total height no more than 75mm.

2. Fantasy/Steampunk/Historical Single Figure
Single model, 25mm to 40mm scale, on a base no larger than 60mm diameter, total height no more than 75mm.

3. Unit
Unit or squad of any genre, 25mm to 40mm scale, on bases no larger than 60mm diameter, total height of tallest figure no more than 75mm. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 models per unit. Unit is not required to conform to game play rules. Units must be presented on a single display base or movement tray for ease and safety in handling.

4. Monster/Vehicle/Warmachine
Vehicle or large monster, 25 to 40mm scale, on a base no more than 300mm diameter. This category includes vehicles with riders and figures mounted on large animals such as horses, elephants, or dragons.

5. Open
This category includes large scale models 54mm and up, dioramas, busts, and any other entries which do not fit in the other categories. Maximum base size 300mm diameter.

6. Young Talent
Entry of any category and genre, 25mm to 40mm scale. Entrants must be 14 years of age or younger.

Please note: Categories may be combined or expanded based on the volume of entries. The head judge makes the final determination on what entries are acceptable for submission and on category placement.

We are not able to accept for submission and judging models that players wish to retrieve for use in games during the course of the weekend’s events.

a) Each entry will be evaluated carefully by a panel of judges and compared with the others in its category. For each category, a Bronze, Silver, and Gold place will be awarded.

b) The Gold winners from each category will be compared against each other, and a First, Second, and Third overall ranking assigned.

c) An entrant may be awarded no more than one of the three overall prizes. If an entrant has more than one category Gold winner, only one entry will be chosen for comparison when selecting the top three overall winners.

d) All decisions are final.

e) Judging Criteria: Criteria are provided so that judges can compare entries uniformly and fairly, regardless of style or genre, and so that entrants will have specific information as to what judges are looking for. The CMON Expo 2017 competition will use the same criteria for judging as for the Crystal Brush Awards onsite judging. The complete judging criteria is available on the Crystal Brush website.

a) The CMON Expo 2017 painting competition is a Road to Crystal Brush Competition event. The overall first place winner, across all categories, will be awarded his or her choice of prize:
i. $100 in CMON store merchandise credit. Credit does not include shipping costs and must be used within 1 year.
ii. Reimbursement by CMON, Inc. for round-trip coach airfare from entrant’s location to Chicago, Illinois, for the dates of the following AdeptiCon convention and Crystal Brush Awards.

1. Winning entrant must contact Crystal Brush/CMON to choose his or her award within 30 days after event. Entrant is responsible for contacting Crystal Brush/CMON to arrange details of travel and reimbursement.

2. Only one airfare reimbursement will be awarded to the same person within the same calendar year. Winning entrant is eligible only for CMON store credit at any subsequent events at which he or she may be judged the overall winner.

3. Crystal Brush/CMON is not responsible for lodging, ground transportation, and/or any other expenses incurred by or related to the winning entrant’s travel to/from and participation in the Crystal Brush Awards.

4. Prize, whether in the form of CMON store credit or airfare reimbursement, is nontransferable.
b) The second and third highest scored entries, across all categories, will be awarded respectively $50 and $25 in CMON store merchandise credit. Credit does not include shipping costs and must be used within 1 year.
c) In the event of any dispute, the sum total liability of CMON, Inc. to any entrant shall be whatever the entrant paid to CMON, Inc. directly related to entry in the CMON Expo 2017 competition, i.e. $0. All rules subject to change without notice.