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CMON Expo Bangkok 2024: Free Entrance Pass (Limited Areas and Activities)

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This Free Pass lets one person enter the CMON Expo Bangkok 2024 for one day.  You can use this to enter on either November 2 (Saturday) and November 3 (Sunday).  The Free Pass lets the person experience the Open Play Area and limited activities only.

The Free Pass gives the following privileges:

    • Free Entrance to CMON Expo Bangkok 2024 Open Play Area
    • Unlimited play time with friends and family in the Open Play Area
    • Live demo of board games and access to game coaches to teach games to kids and new comers

The Free Pass does not allow access to the CMON Expo Bangkok Main Event Halls, and to the program, activities, shops, and exclusive items inside the Main Halls.

At any time, the owner of the Free Pass may go to the Event Registration Desk and purchase any of the other ticket types so they can enter the Main Halls and experience the whole CMON Expo Bangkok.

Kids aged 7 or below do not need to buy a ticket. They can enter for free to all areas of CMON Expo.  Simply come up to the registration area and claim the entrance bracelet for your child.

CMON Expo Bangkok is a two-day Board Game Event that aims to bring the best global tabletop experience right in Asia.  Like big shows such as Gencon and Essen Spiel, the CMON Expo Bangkok will feature many publishers from all over the world, in addition to the CMON studio.

Publishers from Europe, US, and Asia will demo their latest product releases from 2023 and 2024.  There will be official tournaments with exclusive prizes.  Game designers will attend to meet fans, do signings, and interviews. And you can buy some of the latest board game releases from Gencon 2024 and Essen Spiel 2024.

You can redeem your Passes at the event registration desk, MCC Hall, The Mall Lifestore Bangkae, 3rd Floor, Bangkok, Thailand on the days of the CMON Expo Bangkok.

Unless due to a cancellation of the Expo, the ticket is non-refundable.