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First Panels Announced

First Panels Announced


April 3rd, 2015


Hey there everyone,

One of the greatest things about conventions are the panels. At them, you can get all sorts of information about the gaming hobby we all love so much straight from the experts. We’ve got the information for the first two panels that we’ll be holding at CMON Expo 2015.

One note is that all panels this year will be held on Saturday, so mark your calendars!

The first two panels are:

From Concept to Completion: the Journey from Initial Design to Final Product

“The process of getting a finished game on a store’s shelf is a long journey that involves many people. Eric Lang, Michael Shinall, Thiago Aranha, and Ted Terranova will walk us through the first moment of inspiration to seeing their vision wrapped on cardboard and shrink wrapped on a store shelf. We’ll cover the hurdles that arise and the surprises that you might not realize happen behind the scenes of your favorite games.”


Setting the Scene: World Building and its Importance to Immersion in Table Top

“While setting, story, and characters aren’t as integral to an enjoyable board and table top game experience as clear rules, clever mechanics, and strong art direction, they are a staple in many of CoolMiniOrNot’s games. Eric Kelley, Michael Shinall, David Doust, Ted Terranova and Eric Lang sit down to discuss why world building has such a strong focus in CMON’s games and how they went about building the worlds we love to play in.”