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Exhibitor Spotlight: Wyrd Miniatures

Exhibitor Spotlight: Wyrd Miniatures


May 20th, 2014


We’re happy to announce Wyrd Miniatures will be at CMON Expo 2014 this weekend and would like to thank them for contributing prize support for Malifaux events as well as awesome loot for the Expo swag bags! Here’s some more info on them: Wyrd Miniatures originally set out to provide high quality miniatures for fans of the hobby. They soon grew from only producing great minis to offering the successful miniatures skirmish game Malifaux. Now, Malifaux is on to its second edition, and Wyrd has introduced other great games like Evil Baby Orphanage, Jet Pack Unicorn, Puppet Wars, and more! We’re very happy to have them as Exhibitors and supporters of Expo 2014!