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Exhibitor Spotlight: Battle Foam and Outlaw Miniatures!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Battle Foam and Outlaw Miniatures!


May 9th, 2014


CMON Expo 2014 is fast approaching, but we’re still bringing more of the best from the world of gaming. With that in mind, we’d like to welcome one of our newest exhibitor Battle Foam. They are the premiere carrying case solution for miniature and table top players. They offer carrying cases in multiple sizes, a wide variety of colors, and one specifically customized to your favorite games. Battle Foam is the bag to have for hardcore gamers.

Our other late, but great, entry to our exhibitor list is Outlaw Miniatures, makers of the alternate history 35mm miniature game Wild West Exodus! Players are offered a scalable experience that lets them field anywhere from 6 to 40 models without complicating the rules! The D10 system combined with their influence mechanic offers players a deep, highly customizable system that makes every turn unique and thrilling.

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