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Event Schedule Update And More Guests Added


April 21st, 2017


Welcome back to another update for CMON Exop 2017!
We’re just 3 weeks from the show! Can you believe it? We’ve got some pretty big announcements for you today.

Our Event Page has gotten a pretty big update. We’ve added several events, including a group of five on Sunday where you’ll have a chance to sit down and play a game with one of our awesome designers. Want to play The Godfather:Corleone’s Empire with Eric Lang? How about Rum & Bones with Michael Shinall? You just might be able to.

We’ve also added yet more great guests to our Special Guests Page.

Ash Barker – Guerrilla Miniature Games

Ash first discovered miniature war-games in 1988 in the back of Fighting Fantasy Choose your Own Adventure books. In the thirty-ish years since, he has been fascinated by Toy Soldiers. After a thirteen year tour at Games Workshop, he found himself back in his home country of Canada with a growing family and a storage unit full of models from a lifetime working in Gaming. The natural decision for him, like most people with too much time on their hands, was to start a YouTube channel. Championing the exploration of a wider world of Wargaming, he focuses on broadening his audience’s exposure to games they might not get to see, as well as revisiting great games from the past. When he isn’t showcasing indie games and painting an endless queue of toys, he’s at home with his two wonderful kids; pretending he’s a grown-up so that they’ll eat their dinners.

Clay Williams

Artist Clay Williams has been painting miniatures since the 1990 release of HeroQuest. His Primary area of focus has been Games Workshop models. With the growing popularity of many new miniatures games and collector ranges, Williams’ work gained a loyal following, and he has concentrated his efforts on commission painting since 2011. He opened Mastermind Models and Miniatures in Huntsville’s historic Lowe Mill (the largest privately owned artist collective in the United States) in 2014, and has successfully created a special niche in providing miniature painting classes and hobby services. The Mastermind studio has six dedicated workstations with lights, power, tools, and airbrush terminals for students and members. Mastermind also employs many talented miniature painters who are committed to producing the best commission service and experience for all their clients worldwide.

That’s all for this week, but don’t worry. We’re not done letting you know about all the cool things coming to this year’s show. Stay tuned as we get closer to CMON Expo 2017!