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Event Details and New Vendor Added!


March 17th, 2017


Welcome back to another update about CMON Expo 2017!
The show grows ever-closer (just under 2 months to go!) and we’ve still got lots to tell you about. This week, we’ve got a new vendor added to our Special Guests page as well as information about all the Miniatures Gaming Events that’ll be at the show.

We’ve created a special page that lists all the details for the great Miniatures Gaming Events that we’re going to have at the show. Now you can have a bit of info going into them. Note: some of the player totals have been changed. So be sure you’re at the event you want to get to!

We’d like to welcome back Impudent Mortal to the show!

Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal is a company that designs, develops and manufactures terrain for tabletop gaming. Together our staff brings over 100 years of gaming experience and we look forward to putting our passion on your table.

That’s it for this week. Tune in next time for another update about CMON Expo 2017!