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Oink Games showcase in CMON Expo Bangkok

Oink Games showcase in CMON Expo Bangkok

Asian publishers also get a spotlight at the Expo.  Oink Games from Japan will be showcasing their latest releases in 2023.

Oink Games is well known and loved for their compact series of games.  But don’t let the small box and minimalist art mislead you – their games are rich in interaction, strategy, and are just lots of fun.  Many will be delighted at how much content is in each game.

Scout, their most popular game, will be demoed at the Oink Games booth.  You’ll also get to play Whale to Look, their latest release just earlier this year.

And all these titles will be available to buy in limited quantities at the show’s CMON Expo Shop; one of the first places in all of Asia to get them.

Check out the CMON Expo Bangkok website for more details.

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