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Klask Showcase on CMON Expo Bangkok

Klask Showcase on CMON Expo Bangkok

Klask has been delighting kids, families, and gamers for almost 10 years, and now the game has come to Thailand at CMON Expo Bangkok.

Klask is fun for its simplicity and speed.  You simply have to get the ball into your opponent’s goal, avoiding obstacles and before the other player gets to your own goal.  But, you do it with MAGNETS!

You can try the game at the Klask booth, against your friend, your family, or just about anyone.  The game always brings out the child in everyone.  And for four times the fun, you can play the four-player version.

Both games will be available to buy in limited quantities at the show’s CMON Expo Shop.

Check out the CMON Expo Bangkok website for more details.

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