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IELLO Showcase at CMON Expo Bangkok

IELLO Showcase at CMON Expo Bangkok

IELLO brings their best titles and latest Essen 2023 releases straight to Thailand!  Not just one, but two hot Spiel Essen titles.

Be one of the first in Asia to learn and try Ancient Knowledge, a strategic card game where you erect monuments and build artefacts to pass on knowledge from the ages.  And there’s Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze, a hotly anticipated title among Unmatched fans.  Working cooperatively as a team, take your Unmatched heroes and fight a common villain in a pulp adventure.

The IELLO experience wouldn’t be complete without playing King of Tokyo, with all its special monsters and upgrades.  Plus, we’ve got three quick games – Hula-hoo, Cheese Master, and Get on Board, which is sure to bring out a lot of fun.

All these games are for sale in limited quantities at the show’s CMON Expo Shop; one of the first places in all of Asia to get them.

Check out the CMON Expo Bangkok website for more details.

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