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Vendor Spotlight: Collapse Industries

Vendor Spotlight: Collapse Industries


March 20th, 2015


It’s another week closer to the CMON Expo!

This week we add another vendor to the esteemed ranks of those that will be at the show. We’re happy to announce that Collapse Industries will be joining us at the show!

Collapse Industries is a Monster Creation outfit out of North Florida. They specialize in the creature and post apocalypse figure kits. Collapse Industries works with both traditional artist and Digital artist to bring some of the highest quality cutting edge kits to market. Who are the evil monkeys behind the curtain you ask? Kirk Kirkland, the owner of Collapse Industries, is a trained mold maker with a degree in Maritime Studies and also a Licensed Boat captain. Growing up, he learned to make both Vulcanized Jewelry molds and RTV Rubber molds for various applications. Always having a passion for creatures and horror led to him starting a mold shop to create them. As the business grew, he brought in his mother, who is a national featured oil artist and certified graduate gemologist. Together they bring a passion for art and creation to an under-serviced genre. At the CMON Expo, they will have multiple pieces designed to service painters who work in small scale as well as their line up of large castings. Also, Josh P. Crockett from Monsterfaces, who is an integral part of their design team, will be in attendance working on some of their twisted creations.