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Time Is Getting Short, Expo’s Almost Here

Time Is Getting Short, Expo’s Almost Here


May 29th, 2015


Welcome everyone to another update for CMON Expo 2015! There’s only 3 weeks left until the show starts, so we’re starting to get down to the wire here. In this week’s update we’ve got the times and locations for all the painting classes, a new vendor added to tell you about, and a notice about room reservations at the hotel.


Starting off, we’ve been talking with all our wonderful professional painters that will be at the show and have worked out a schedule for when and where their classes will be held. Each class will last an hour and a half. They’re also going to be held at multiple times. So even if you miss one due to another event you’re going to be in or just time gets away from you, don’t worry. You’ll have multiple chances to be part of any of the classes.

Mikael Astrom:
Speed Up With An Airbrush Friday 1:00p – Table 2, Saturday 5:30p – Table 2
Short Cuts to Great Results Friday 5:30p – Table 2, Saturday 1:00p – Table 2

Elizabeth Beckley:
Chibi Miniature Painting Friday 10:00a – Table 2, Friday 2:30p – Table 2, Saturday 10:00a – Table 2, Saturday 2:30p – Table 2

Rhonda Bender:
Object Source Lighting Effects Friday 4:00p – Table 1, Saturday 7:00p – Table 1
Feathers, Fur, and Scales Friday 7:00p – Table 1, Saturday 4:00p – Table 1

Jen Haley:
Flesh & Faces Friday 11:30a – Table 3, Friday 7:00p – Table 3, Saturday 11:30a – Table 3

Bobby Jackson:
3-D Digital Sculpting Friday 4:00p -Table 3, Saturday 4:00p – Table 3

Teri Litorco:
Painting Fundamentals Friday 11:30a – Table 1, Saturday 11:30 – Table 1
Hobby Where You Last Look For It Friday 5:30p – Table 3, Saturday 5:30p – Table 3

Patrick Masson:
The Art and Craft of Mini Sculpting Friday 10:00a – Table 3, Friday 2:30p – Table 3, Saturday 10:00a – Table 3, Saturday 2:30p – Table 3

Joe Orteza:
Lose the Fear of Greenstuff Friday 11:30a – Table 2, Friday 7:00p – Table 2, Saturday 11:30a – Table 2, Saturday 7:00p – Table 2

Brandon Palmer:
Creating Terrain Friday 4:00p – Table 2, Saturday 4:00p – Table 2
The Golden Throne Friday 1:00p – Table 3, Saturday 1:00p – Table 3

Jessica Rich:
Painting Hot Chicks Friday 10a – Table 1, Saturday 1:00p – Table 1
Freehand Painting Friday 1:00p – Table 1, Saturday 10:00a – Table 1

Caleb Wissenback:
Painting True Metallic Metals Friday 2:30p – Table 1, Saturday 5:30p – Table 1
Intro to Blending Friday 5:30p – Table 1, Saturday 2:30p – Table 1

Up next for this week’s update is a company that’s here to help if you need a hero. The creators of Heroes for Hire, Action Phase Games will be among our distinguished vendors at the show.


Action Phase Games is a game design studio based in Indianapolis. Their first game, Heroes Wanted, was released in 2014. Travis R. Chance is a project manager and game designer. Having just moved back to the Midwest, he has devoted all his time and effort toward creating and designing games. Whether he is organizing a monthly board game meetup or playing games, his insight and passion for the hobby is beyond pale. Heroes Wanted is the second game he’s created, behind Infamy. Nick Little is a data analyst and game designer with a degree in economics. He enjoys playing all kinds of strategic and tactical board games. Before starting work on Heroes Wanted and The Stuff of Legend, he spent months helping develop Infamy


And last but certainly not least is that event room registration will close on June 4th. That’ll be your last chance to get the special room rate at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for the show. If you’re wanting to save some money on your hotel room, you’d better hurry and book. If you use this link, that will take you right to the hotel’s website so you can get the special rate.

That’s what we’ve got for you this week, everyone. Stay tuned next week for another update about CMON Expo 2015!