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T-Minus 1 Month: New Stuff Still to Add

T-Minus 1 Month: New Stuff Still to Add


May 22nd, 2015


Hello again all you CMON Expo people. It’s Friday and you know what that means. We’ve got another update about this year’s show. We’ve officially crossed into “Less than a Month Left” territory, but we’ve got no signs of slowing down and trying to coast our way to the start. Oh no. We’re picking up steam and wanting to charge right into the beginning of Expo 2015 with all the excitement we can! This week’s update has the bio for another of our fantastic special guests, a new set of hobby classes, and a new Saturday event.

To start things off, last week we told you about how Joe Orteza was going to be running one of our hobby classes. Now, if you’re part of the gaming scene, you should already know about who Joe is. But in case you don’t, we’ve added his bio to our Guests Page.


Joe Orteza

Joe Orteza started out in the miniature hobby in 1998 in the GW Grand Tournament circuit, and ended up winning many Golden Demons along the way. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Joe brings his experience as a freelance artist and former art teacher to the miniature world. He’s best known for his over-the-top painting and sculpting style and his engaging, instructive modeling classes. We’re looking forward both to Joe’s hobby expertise and his off-the-wall brand of humor.

So now you know a bit more about Joe.
In a reverse from that, we’ve had Brandon Palmer listed as a guest for a bit now, but we feel it’s time to now reveal the two classes that he’ll be having while at the show.

First up is Creating Terrain.

Brandon Palmer is well known for creating miniature projects on a massive scale. Need some ideas or tips for creating your own layouts and army displays? Join him for a demonstration of the basics of terrain building, and bring your questions!

Second, there’s his look at how he made The Golden Throne.

Golden Throne

Watch an in-depth presentation by Brandon Palmer on his construction of the Golden Throne, an 8 foot tall army display board with enough Gothic decoration to choke the Eye of Terror. See this two month long build in 30 minutes of images and hear Brandon’s insights on the process of creating this massive work.

Pretty sweet, right!

But that’s not all for today’s update.

Dead Isn't Dead-2

Those of you that are more into the gaming side of things, we’ve got you covered as well with a new event. Lately, more and more games have been including a digital piece to the gaming experience. This is the future of gaming, and we’re happy to have the fellows from The WitchBorn who will be running an introductory event for their game on Saturday. You can check out The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition event, listed over on our always-growing Events Page.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, but stay tuned, as there’s plenty more to be revealed before CMON Expo 2015!