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Qualifier, Super Qualifier, and the Super Qualified

Qualifier, Super Qualifier, and the Super Qualified


March 18th, 2016


Welcome again, everyone, to an update about the upcoming CMON Expo! It’s been a busy time over here as plans are finalized. Time is short. We’re less than 2 months away from the show! Can you believe it? We’ve got some exciting news for you today.


The Rules for the CMON Expo 2016 Painting Contest have been posted.


For those that love to make your minis look as good as possible, we’ve got the rules for this year’s Painting Contest up. This is a Crystal Brush Qualifier event, so the grand prize winner will get their choice of $100 voucher for the CoolMiniOrNot shop or airfare to and from Adepticon 2017 in order to be part of the Crystal Brush Finals.

So start planning your entries now.


HeroClix Realms Open Championship Qualifier Event Details

ROC 2016

The CMON Expo isn’t just about CMON products. We want to promote all hobby gaming. It’s with that in mind that we’re proud to be holding a Realms Open Championship Super Qualifier. There will actually be HeroClix events all three days of the show, so be sure to get your teams prepped, as competition will be fierce. Be sure to check out our Events Page for start times.


Jeff Yu Added To Guests Page

Jeff Image

A new face comes to our Guests Page. CMON looks to get some of the best talent around for our games. One of our great in-house artists is Jeff Yu. He’s worked on layout and artwork for many of your favorite CMON games such as Xenoshyft, Wrath of Kings, Dark Age, Rum and Bones, and Arcadia Quest. Come and talk to Jeff about all aspects of the gaming art process.

That’s what we’ve got for you this week. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to CMON Expo 2016.