Eric Lang; Professional Game Designer

Eric Lang

Eric has been designing and developing games professionally for fifteen years, with a specialty in fantasy/sci fi board games and card games. Born in Montreal, Canada, he has been surrounded by games and gaming culture since the impressionable age of 8.

In 2000, Eric founded Anoch Game Systems, publishing his first card game “Mystick.” After the company’s two year run and a strong friendship with Fantasy Flight Games, he began a freelance design and consulting career for such companies as FFG, Wizards of the Coast, Mattel, Wizkids, Z-Man games, Alderac Entertainment and others.

After spending a few years designing social games for Facebook and working on a mass-market MMORPG design for Mindark in Sweden, Eric returned to his passion in hobby game design in 2012 with several exciting original titles forthcoming.

Among his design and development credits are the card games Star Wars, Warhammer: Invasion, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu and Duel Masters card games. Among his board game design and development credits are Quarriors!, Chaos in the Old World, World of Warcraft, Midgard, Battlestar Galactica, and the Mutant Chronicles miniature game.