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Panels Schedule Update

Panels Schedule Update


June 17th, 2015


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Hey there, everyone! It’s the Wednesday before the show! Can you believe we’re less than 48 hours from launch! Hard to believe it’s here.

We’ve got one thing to update about the event: The panels schedule we posted the other day was in need of a bit of revision. Don’t worry, nothing went too far, and we’ve still got the same number, just some of the times have been altered. We’ve updated the Panels Page accordingly, as well as each of the individual panel pages.

The new days/times for the panels are:

CoolMiniOrNot State of Affairs 6pm

Dark Age: Darkness on the Horizon 11am

The Others: The Next Nightmare 12pm

Wrath of Kings: The World & the Future 1pm

Zombicide: Black Plague Panel 2pm

Podcaster Pantheon 3pm

Journey to Arcadia 4pm

From Tabletop to Digital Design With Eric Lang 5pm

Watch the Clock with On the Lamb Games 9pm-11pm

Setting the Scene: World Building and its Importance to Immersion in Table Top 11am

From Concept to Completion: the Journey from Initial Design to Final Product 12pm

Kickstarting Success 1pm

We’re busy loading up the trucks and ready to start moving everything down to the hotel tomorrow. We’re gonna be all prepped and ready to go to see you there on Friday!