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Panel Spotlight: XenoShyft: The “OrNot” of CoolMiniOrNot

Panel Spotlight: XenoShyft: The “OrNot” of CoolMiniOrNot


May 9th, 2014


In CoolMiniOrNot’s latest game, XenoShyft, the NorTec Military comes face-to-face with “The Hive.” Their fight for survival will be one for the history books (if anyone’s alive to write about it). After getting hands-on time with XenoShyft on the show floor, you can learn even more about CMON’s newest game from those behind its creation: Michael Shinall (Head of Development, CMON), Curtis Shoemake (development member, CMON), Leif Paulson (development member, CMON), and David Doust (Director, CMON). They’ll discuss the importance of XenoShyft’s unified art approach, why this is CMON’s first card-only game, and more! For more information on the other great panels offered at Expo this year, click here! And check out this awesome new trailer for XenoShyft!