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More Events Added

More Events Added


February 13th, 2015


We’ve got 3 more fantastic events we’ve added to the Events Page!









First off, for you hobbyists (of all skill levels), we’ve got the Bride of Frankenfest!

We love hosting this unusual, yet hilariously creative event! Contestants will create their own absurd monstrosity by gluing together random pieces from dozens of different miniatures. Creation will be judged on two qualities: creativity and how hilariously awesome it looks fully assembled.


Next, for all you sports fans out there, there’s the Kaos Ball Cup.

This will be an open league event. Bring your favorite team and play as often as you want, against a variety of opponents. On Sunday at 2pm the player with the best Win-Loss Average will win the Kaos Cup as well as a prize package autographed by the game’s creator Eric Lang!!

Calamity Crew

Finally, for this update (but not finally-finally, there’ll be more), we’ve got the Sedition Wars: Why Can’t It Go Smooth? event.

For the Crew of the Calamity, Alabaster Station was a chance to rest and refuel after another in a string of jobs that just didn’t end the way they were supposed to. Unfortunately their luck hasn’t changed. A strange outbreak has affected the station and now they are trying everything they can to get themselves back to their ship and hope the fueling was finished before things went pear shaped. In this special scenario a team of up to 6 players will take the roles of Captain Ian Reins, Bella Grange, Phoenix Corbett, Delta Chen, Keegan Kor and Dr Susan Ridley as they escape to their ship while the Strain tries to add them to their resources.

Check the game pages or events page for details.