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Interview With the Designer of the Amazing 3D Zombicide Board

Jason PolarBear

February 22nd, 2019


Zombicide has been a fan-favorite game ever since its initial release in October of 2012. Players have found all sorts of ways to enhance their experience over the years, but few have gone as far as Matthew Grove. He’s taken his love of Zombicide to the next level by creating beautifully-detailed game boards. At CMON Expo, you’ll be able to join in with him and use this gorgeous set-up as well. We sat down and asked Mr. Grove about his love of Zombicide. Check out what he had to say.

CMON: What made you to build the 3D Zombicide?

Matthew Grove: I’ve been a model maker and painter for many years, and I had gathered buildings for my Fantasy RPG games. When I got the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter, the figures were so great that I had to paint them and that cried out for a 3D city. Then, with Green Horde, I knew I wanted to model the hedges and flooded zones.

CMON: How long did it take you to build 3D Zombicide?

MG: The Zombicide city took a year to complete. The detail on the buildings took the most time. 13 multiple story houses, the city gatehouse, and walls have lots of little details, down to stained glass and lead-pane windows. Then there was all of the furniture, barrels, crates, and such for all of the barricades I needed to create for the separate zones for the game. The tiles for Green Horde are still in progress. The design of the tiles required some interesting designs to allow me to dig down into the tile to create the flooded zones. I am almost finished with the tiles for scenario 2 from the Green Horde rules. There are 6 more boards that will be used for a custom scenario. They are from the base game as well. They’re more of the building tiles with flooded streets, just to give a different game than the scenario with all the hedges everywhere.

CMON: Did you build this on your own or with some friends?

MG: I designed all of the set ups and planning for creating the various layouts for the city and the Green Horde tiles. I did have some help on the city with painting the split timber on the buildings. There is a lot of split timber. If I can get help on some things, I am grateful. Working a full-time job, juggling family life, and building these set ups evenings and weekends is really a passion of mine.

CMON: How often do you play Zombicide: Black Plague or Zombicide: Green Horde?

MG: I play a bit more Green Horde these day, as I am building and testing the scenarios. Plus, there are some very cool new elements that were added in the Green Horde Kickstarter. I play the games at least once a month. My wife and son also like the game, though my son always has to play the giant.

CMON: When you guys play, do you guys use the 3D scenario?

MG: This depends on the amount of time we have to play. If it is a spur of the moment pickup game, we just use the tiles from the game. But we have brought the city set up down a few times to play. This year, we have spent all the time with Green Horde.

CMON: Who is your favorite Zombicide: Black Plague/Zombicide: Green Horde hero?

MG: My Zombicide: Black Plague hero is the ogre from Paul Bonner. I love his work and the sculpture captures his work so well. Plus, the Barbarian skill never hurts to clear a path through the horde. Sadly, I have never survived with him and have never gotten above yellow level before he dies. The Troll from Paul for Green Horde is the one I like to play. I would play the Giant, but my son always plays him.

CMON: Who or what got you into playing Zombicide: Black Plague/Zombicide: Green Horde?

MG: I had heard about the modern Zombicide Session 3 and backed the Kickstarter because it has the ability to play solo. That got me on the CMON mailing list and then Black Plague Kickstarter launched. Then Green Horde. I’m hoping to see Zombicide Dark Forest, where we fight the elves and twisted forest creatures. Not that that is in works that I know of, but I think it could be very cool to do a haunted forest board in 3D.

CMON: What do you love to tell people when they are new to playing Zombicide: Black Plague/Zombicide: Green Horde?

MG: Most of my gaming has been miniature gaming and RPGs. When I invite new folks over to play either Black Plague or Green Horde, I tell them that it is a cooperative game where the game mechanics run the zombies. It is very easy to pick up the rules, but requires some thought as to how you achieve the objective. Many times, the players get so caught up in killing the zombies that I have to remind them to finish the objectives. There is usually a discussion afterword over how they should have played the scenario. I do not recall ever running a game of Black Plague or Green Horde where the players, new or experienced, have not had a great time.

CMON: Ever think about building a modern Zombicide city?

MG: Oh yes. Those thoughts churn around now and then. I even bought a scale helicopter and was looking at some of the really cool model train O scale buildings that would be perfect. Maybe one day.

CMON: Do you look forward to Zombicde: Invader when it comes out?

MG: Actually, I do. I was not able to back it on Kickstarter at the time, but I will be looking for it to hit retail or be at one of the shows to pick it up. There are some interesting challenges and game mechanics in that version that does spark the imagination.

CMON: What do you look forward to at this year’s CMON Expo 2019?

MG: Besides seeing folks I met last year, I am really hoping to see some prototypes from the upcoming Kickstarter of the Trudvang board game, which I plan on backing. I am also interested in the new Giants for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. That is the next game system my friends and I want to get into. My son wants the giants. I’m sensing a pattern here.

CMON: Is there a board game you want to play while at CMON Expo?

MG: I’d love to play the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, but most likely I will be busy helping folks have fun with the Black Plague City and Green Horde games. For me, and Expo, I am there to help the gamers who attend have a great experience over the weekend. I will take time to drool over the great painted figures in the display cases of the A Song of ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

CMON: What CMON board game hits your table the most?

MG: Right now, by two games, Green Horde. I want to get Black Plague out after Expo to play with the Specters from No Rest For the Wicked. I have to paint them first though.

Our thanks to Mr. Grove for taking the time to answer our questions. We can’t wait for you to check out his boards here at the CMON Expo!

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