Guests 2016

Action Phase

Action Phase Games

Travis R. Chance (pictured left) is a project manager and game designer from Indianapolis, IN. Having just moved back to the Midwest from a decade in NYC, he has devoted all of his time and effort toward creating and designing games. Whether he is organizing a monthly board game meet up here in Indy, or playing games at his favorite haunts, his insight and passion for this hobby is beyond the pale. Heroes Wanted is his second board game – Infamy was his first. Nick Little (pictured right) is a data analyst and game designer from Indianapolis with a degree in economics. He enjoys playing all kinds of strategic and tactical board games. Nick has played in five Magic: the Gathering Pro Tours. He made over $50,000 playing UDE’s Vs. System CCG. Before starting work on Heroes Wanted and The Stuff of Legend, Nick spent months helping with the development of another game, Infamy.

Thiago Aranha

Thiago Aranha

Thiago Aranha fell into the gaming industry rabbit hole as part of the design team for Arcadia Quest. Paralel to that, he started doing work for CMoN’s many other games, starting as a proofreader (or Loophole Master, as he calls it) on games like Zombicide and Kaosball, and eventually moving on to fully join the CMoN team as a producer for games such as Rivet Wars, Dogs of War, Blood Rage, and The Others. Thiago can often be found frantically running many of CMoN’s Kickstarter campaigns, with his faithful Magic 8-Ball at his side.


Fel Barros

Fel is a long-time gamer and platypus lover that is nearing the end of his challenge of playing 1,000 different games. He debuted in the game industry to correct an injustice and put a platypus as the main character in his first game, Warzoo, published by his gaming company, Ace Studios. He went on to develop several other family games with Ace before joining Cool Mini or Not as a Senior Game Developer. Fel has his hands full with many upcoming projects for CMON (no spoilers!) and promises to bring a brand new fun and cutthroat game to CMON Expo to demo to attendees!


Arnaud Boudoiron’

Arnaud Boudoiron began his career twenty years ago as a sculptor with Rackham, Paris. He moved from there to comic books and graphic novels, where, over the course of fifteen years, his illustrations led him to partner with Delcourt/Soleil, Marvel, and ComiXology. Two years ago, Arnaud returned to his first love, sculpture (digital this time) to work with companies like CoolMiniOrNot and Monolith/Bombyx, using the skills he acquired as an illustrator to bring life to his creations. Today, he lives in small-town Virginia with his wife, two kids, and cat.


Zee Garcia

Zee Garcia has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University in Fine Arts/Theatre. He has previously taught theater for several years, directed over a dozen plays, and been involved with multiple South Florida and New York theaters and theatrical companies, including Murder Mystery, Inc. and The Broward Center for the Performing Arts. He has enjoyed board games for over a decade, and been working with The Dice Tower for years. Zee films and edits reviews, interviews, Top 10 lists, etc. He also hosts, and produces, Board Game Blender. He lives in Florida, and has done so most of his life.


Guilherme Goulart

Guilherme, or ‘Guile’, started out with AD&D. The magic, adventure, and storytelling fascinated him, so he became a Game Master and started to create and test content. His opportunity to join the gaming industry came with Arcadia Quest, a project in which he teamed up with long time friends Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret, and legendary game designer Eric Lang. He went on to become the Lead Designer on the Beyond the Grave and Pets expansions and later started working as a developer and producer for other CoolMiniorNot titles, such as Queen’s Necklace, B-Sieged, and Masmorra. He’s always thrilled to hear ideas or sit down for a gaming session!

New Jen

Jen Haley

Jen Haley has painted more notable miniatures than a person can keep an accurate count of. Currently her work can be seen on promotional materials, books and boxes for games like Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. And when it comes to conventions, Jen can usually be found sitting at a painting table working on her latest piece. While talking to Jen might be somewhat intimidating, considering the numerous awards she has won and the prestige she has as a celebrity judge, she’s always willing to swap tips and tricks for getting your miniatures looking just right.


Sam Healey

Sam Healey is a reviewer and editor for The Dice Tower. He is also the co-host of The Dice Steeple, an audio podcast about our board game hobby from a Christian perspective, with an interest in bridging the gaps between various world-views. He chooses to not align strictly with either the Eurogame or Amerithrash crowd, but instead enjoys playing whatever flavor of game has been chosen for the day…it’s more about the camaraderie around the game, than the game itself. He lives in Homestead, FL with his beautiful wife, Dulcy, and their four children.


Eric M. Lang

Eric M. Lang has a long list of games he’s either designed or consulted on, including Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG, XCOM: The Board Game, Duelyst online tactical TCG, and Blood Rage. As such, Eric can offer an endless supply of advice for anyone interested in getting into the game design and development field, but what Eric really likes to do at CMON Expo is sit players down and show them all the ins and out of his new game Kaosball. It doesn’t hurt that while teaching Kaosball Eric tends to destroy his opponents, but who knows, maybe that’ll change this year.

Richard Launius

Richard Launius

Richard Launius spent the majority of his professional career working in various executive positions within the AT&T Advertising & Publishing line of business while doing some design work on the side. He retired from AT&T in 2009 to fully dedicate his time to designing games. His design credits include; Arkham Horror 1st and 2nd Editions, Elder Sign, Defenders of the Realm, Pirates VS Dinosaurs, Gloomweaver and many, many more. Upcoming releases Richard has worked on include Defenders of Last Stand, Shark Island, Madness at Midnight, and a 2nd Edition of Dragon Rampage. Richard and his wife Carolyn reside in Simpsonville, SC. They have three children and 4 grandchildren they enjoy spending time with them.

Teri Litorco

Teri Litorco

A YouTuber, blogger, Geek & Sundry contributor, Teri is also a CMON fangirl at heart. She bills herself as what would happen if Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart combined to make a single person who loved miniature wargaming more than cooking and folding laundry. While a long-in-the-tooth hobbyist herself, having been painting and playing with miniatures for over a decade, her goal is simple: to demonstrate to the world that painting models and playing games is both fun and easy, and even people who have never picked up a brush or a dice can easily learn and love to do both.

Patrick Masson

Patrick Masson

Patrick “The Small” Masson began sculpting when he was very small (if somewhat bigger than a miniature). But he got his hands on some Fimo in 1995 and since then has gained himself a huge following for his skill with fine details, anatomy, and expression. Patrick has produced models for Smart Max, Infamy Games, Demented games, Big Child Creatives and a lot for Dark Age, and CoolMiniOrNot. His unique private sculpts have won awards throughout Europe and one of it is being nominated for Spectrum 23 awards. In 2011 he launched his own company, Artik Toys. He always want to push his sculptures to the next level and always open to give feedback and advise to those who want to sculpt.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is an Atlanta native who has been a table-top role-player, and Larper since the early 1980’s. He was a former guest liaison for Dragon-Con from 1998-2003. In addition to being an avid gamer, Chris is a historical reenactor, and martial artist. He enjoys using his extensive practical knowledge of history and combat to help create realistic game mechanics. In 2014, Chris quit his career as an Optician, to create “Chris Miller Games” (CMG™), and design his first table-top RPG: ANKUR – kingdom of the gods. ANKUR – Kingdom of the gods immerses players in a game world based loosely on ancient Sumerian mythology, and the alien astronaut theory.


Sean Murray

Sean Andrew Murray is an award-winning freelance illustrator, concept artist, author, and teacher who has worked in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. Sean has spent much of his career as a video game concept artist, working on such titles as “Dungeons & Dragons Online,” “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” and two unreleased projects at Harmonix Music Systems. He and former colleague, John Hawkins (lead designer of DomiNations), and game designer Michelle Menard, have developed a prototype for a card game called “Gateway: Uprising,” which combines deck-building with an area-control board game. Sean is hard at work finishing up all the original art for the final version of “Gateway: Uprising,” and many other projects.

Bryan Pope

Bryan Pope

Bryan is an avid gamer, and has been playing and designing games since he was 6 years old. In 2012 he founded Arcane Wonders® and published Mage Wars®. Arcane Wonders® produces the Dice Tower Essentials line, whose titles include Sheriff of Nottingham, Onitama, Royals, Speechless, and Critical Mass. Bryan lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and 5 kids. His hobbies include reading, swimming, guns, camping/hiking, reptiles, various sports, and (of course) games!


David Preti

David Preti (born in Milan, Italy) has been an industry professional for over 10 years as a producer, art director, and visionary. During his tenure, he had a critical role in Rackham publishing, co-created Dust Games (The Adventurers, Dust Tactics), and founded Guillotine Games (the studio behind Zombicide). He also masterminded the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for Zombicide, and works with CoolMiniOrNot on projects like Wrath of Kings, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage, and The Others.

Nathan Pullan

Nathan Pullan

Nathan is the co-host of one of the internet’s longest running miniature wargaming podcasts, Jaded Gamercast. When not drinking (rarely), he can be found taking the piss out of older games that have lost their way. Always excited to try new and exciting games, Blood Rage and Wrath of Kings are his current muses. Every once in awhile, he can be found on Teri Litorco’s YouTube channel, where he’s either letting the zombies kill her in Zombicide so he can make an escape, or otherwise trolling her about poor (gaming) life decisions. He looks forward to drinking and chatting with anyone and everyone who wants to talk about how awesome Teknes are, or wax philosophically about the meaning of Ragnarok.


Rolling Dice And Taking Names

Marty and Tony are the co-hosts of the bi-weekly podcast Rolling Dice & Taking Names. Long time friends since college, these two southern gentlemen have shared their experiences, thoughts and reviews for the past three years on board games. Their love of games can easily be traced back to their childhood years as they would sit around with family and friends playing the classic board games. In 2001 that they began their dive into gaming when they both started playing CCGs which lead them to the board gaming world. While they sometimes get off track with their ‘squirrel’ moments, you can be sure to know that when you give them a listen, it is like sitting on a front porch with friends enjoying a Moon Pie and RC Cola while having a good discussion about board games.

Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about tabletop gaming of all kinds: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect board game reviews, gaming industry news and round-table discussions. The Founders, Jamie, Tony, Chris, Steve and Brian, each have varying tastes in gaming to provide a variety of viewpoints. Since 2011, 100 full length episodes and now more with our new additional show, The Secret Cabal Express, The Secret Cabal has grown to one of the most successful tabletop gaming podcasts in the community. The Founders continue striving to offer irreverent entertainment, thoughtful commentary and enthusiasm about a hobby we love.


Michael Shinall

From a young age Michael has been an avid gamer, starting in his early days with Magic: The Gathering. Over the next decade he moved from competitive gaming scene to competitive gaming scene and now, almost fifteen years after his entry into the hobby, Michael is the Lead Developer for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. His time at CMON is not limited to only wargames, however, as Michael is also the designer behind the XenoShyft Card Game series and Rum and Bones, the swashbuckling game of pirate adventure. Michael can usually be found talking strategy and tactics, all the while developing new and innovative ways to challenge players.

Mark Streed

Mark Streed

Mark attended the Colorado Institute of Art, from which he has a degree in Occupational Studies in Photography. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he was the photographer for Star Trek, Lucasfilm, and Back to the Future magazines. He also spent many hours playing and reviewing all of the LucasArts games. Now, he is a web developer and technical services manager for Wire Stone LLC. He took his confab public as Boardgame Corner on April 26, 2014.


Tabletop Gaming News

Jason “Polar Bear” Koepp has been involved in wargaming ever since 6th grade, starting where many gamers start – Magic: The Gathering. Since then, he has been quite the gamer. Prior to his role at Tabletop Gaming News, he was a Moderator on the Privateer Press forums. Now, as the Editor in Chief of Tabletop Gaming News, Polar Bear spends his day searching the internet for gaming news and bringing it to your screen. When not on the hunt for news or working on the next review article, he loves to cook (often to the delight of coworkers when fresh baked goods make it into the office).

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor has been painting and playing with toy soldiers for over 25 years, and has been working in the industry for 22 of those years. He estimates he has painted close to 10,000 miniatures, which is highly likely. His consulting business, Dave Taylor Miniatures, is currently working with CMON on marketing machinations for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings! Feel free to stop by the painting/hobby area to talk about toy soldiers with him.


Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel is the host of The Dice Tower, a network of video and audio podcasts about the board game hobby and those who play within it. The Dice Tower audio podcast has been going strong for over 10 years, with over 440 episodes, and the various video reviews from a myriad of contributors, Top 10 Lists, and convention coverage videos are averaging over 2 million views a month on YouTube. He lives in Homestead, FL with his beautiful wife, Laura, and their seven children.


Maurizio Vergendo

Maurizio is a veteran Italian Magic: the Gathering player that fell into the board game world in 2010.
He co-founded Yemaia in 2012, becoming one of the producers and the Lead Developer for titles such as Hyperborea and Dojo Kun.
He will attend CMON expo with upcoming Yemaia projects.

Watch it Played

Watch It Played

Rodney Smith (pictured left) is the creator and host of the popular YouTube Chanel Watch It Played. Focused on teaching games rather than reviewing them, Watch It Played has generated a huge following of loving fans that continually return to Rodney’s videos for help understanding rules. Many people say he’s the nicest guy in the board game industry, we think it’s just that he’s Canadian. This year he’ll also be joined by his new co-host: Pep MacDonald (pictured right).

Jeff Image

Jeff Yu

Jeff graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art and Animation. He has since interned at Hi-Rez studios, illustrated storyboards for Persistence of Vision, and worked as a motion capture animator at Games That Work. He currently works at Cool Mini Or Not as a graphic artist, illustrator, and concept artist on titles such as Xenoshyft, Wrath of Kings, Dark Age, Rum and Bones, and Arcadia Quest. On his own time, he works as a freelance comic book artist with Ethics Comics and IDW to publish Diamond Island. Jeff has also designed UI elements for a personal fitness and health app currently in development by Sarvint. His artistic style have been influenced by the works of Scott Robertson, Feng Zhu, Ryan Church, Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and many others.