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First Events Added To Event List

First Events Added To Event List


January 9th, 2015


Hey there everyone!

We’re very excited to start populating the 2015 Events Schedule for CMON Expo. We’ve got the first three put on the calendar for you. They are:

Dark Age Logo
Dark Age: March To Immortality
Like Playing Dark Age?
Want to go to Gen Con?
Join us for the March to Immortality tournament!
The winner will win airfare to GenCon 2015 to play in the Dark Age Immortality Event, which lets the player create a new character and model that will join the Dark Age universe and Immortalize the winner embedding them in the game universe for all eternity! Dark Age Games will provide additional prize support.

Wrath of Kings
Wrath of Kings Decision at Falour Narrative Campaign Event
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Wrath of Kings is a 32mm miniature game set on the fantastic continent of Arikania. You go to battle as one of the Five Houses of the Scion Kings, children of the Ancient King. Following the death of their Father, the Scion Kings and their followers have turned on one another like dogs fighting over scraps of a meal.
This is a three day event
The result of each day’s event will shape the course of the next, forming a narrative campaign.
Will you forge your destiny or be sundered by it!

Secure the Perimeter
Infinity: Dire States: Secure The Perimeter!
Three Rounds
Bring 2 lists, same sectorial/generic, unless that changes for ITS 2015

Of course, that’s not all we’ll be having at the show! We have lots more events planned for the weekend, so be sure to check back often for those announcements!