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Exhibitors, Guests, and Promos Galore

Exhibitors, Guests, and Promos Galore


March 25th, 2016


Hey there, everyone! It’s another Friday closer to the CMON Expo! We hope you’re as excited as we are about it! We’ve got another update for you today. There’s some new Exhibitors, some new Guests, and some awesome Promo Cards for some of your favorite games to talk about.


We’ve added two exhibitors to our Exhibitor’s Page.


8th Summit publishes original board and card games. Since 2012, with our first title Agents of SMERSH by 8th Summit President and game designer Jason Maxwell. Other games from 8th Summit include, Run Fight or Die, Defenders of the Last Stand, Till Dawn and the upcoming Mythos Tales.
8th Summit has received three industry award nominations and worked with several well-known designers, including Richard Launius and Wolfgang Kramer.
By the end of 2015, 8th Summit has published more than ten boxed games and expansions.


Impudent Mortal manufactures high quality laser cut MDF Terrain and Gaming Accessories for tabletop wargaming that looks great and is affordable. Our company’s aim is to push the limits of what is possible with laser terrain by constantly testing new techniques and materials while staying true to our philosophy of listening to our customers feedback for developing new product.


We also have two new guests that have been added to our Guests Page.

Chaz M

Chaz Marler

Chaz Marler is the brain child behind Pair of Dice Paradise, one of the fastest growing board game entertainment YouTube Channels online! Chaz brings a unique perspective (and characters!) to reviewing games, both for his channel, and as a contributor for the Dice Tower network as well. Be it his Thrift Sift, Head in the Clouds, or Silver Linings playlist of videos, Chaz has something for every type of gamer, and continually brings a fresh perspective to all things gaming!


Scott Morris

Scott Morris, known to many as Tox, is a lifelong gamer and the man in front of the camera at At Crits Happen, Tox has built a strong gaming community around reviews, play throughs, critical chats, and critical questions of the day, where it’s easy to engage, talk board games, and meet others that love the hobby. In addition, Scott is the President of Passport Game Studios, as well as the designer of Firefly: Shiny Dice, published in 2015 by Upper Deck Entertainment.


And last, but certainly not least, we have a special update about an item you’ll be able to pick up at the show: Special Promo Cards for some of your favorite CoolMiniOrNot games!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.22.22 PM

This pack will contain convention-exclusive cards for the following games:

Arcadia Quest
Zombicide: Black Plague

Want to know exactly what cards there will be? More details will be forthcoming.

Are you ready for Expo 2016? I know we’re certainly ready for the show to start! We can hardly wait!

Stay tuned for more updates as we make our way towards the launch of the show!