CMON Expo 2016 Panels

The Future of Dark Age and Wrath of Kings

Michael Shinall (CMON Senior Developer) and Dave Taylor (CMON Miniatures Marketing) sit down to talk about recent events in the Dark Age and Wrath of Kings’ universes, upcoming models, books and more! Discover what the future holds for the worlds of Samaria and Arikania!

Saturday, May 7th 11:00am-12:30pm

Into the Dark: An Early Look at Massive Darkness

CMON and Guillotine Games are partnering up again to bring you a new dungeon crawl board game: Massive Darkness! Join David Preti (Guillotine Games) and Thiago Aranha (CMON Lead Producer) for an exclusive first look at the game, including its new streamlined system that keeps the focus on heroes’ actions, the wonderful minis, and more!

Saturday, May 7th 2:30pm-4:00pm

An Hour (and a half) with Eric Lang

Critically acclaimed Canadian Eric M. Lang, who also happens to be an amazing game designer, sits down to talk about two of his new highly-anticipated titles: Bloodborne: The Card Game and The Godfather: The Board Game. Eric will also take a look back at his past CMON games, including Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage, and The Others: 7 Sins in an AMA style discussion with attendees.

Saturday, May 7th 5:00pm-6:30pm