Sedition Wars: Why Can’t It Ever Go Smooth?

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For the Crew of the Calamity, Alabaster Station was a chance to rest and refuel after another in a string of jobs that just didn’t end the way they were supposed to.

Calamity Crew

Unfortunately their luck hasn’t changed. A strange outbreak has affected the station and now they are trying everything they can to get themselves back to their ship and hope the fueling was finished before things went pear shaped.

Susan Ridley

In this special scenario a team of up to 6 players will take the roles of Captain Ian Reins, Bella Grange, Phoenix Corbett, Delta Chen, Keegan Kor and Dr Susan Ridley as they escape to their ship while the Strain tries to add them to their resources.

Keegan Kor

Prize support will include a participation prize of a full set of the Kickstarter Exclusive characters for Sedition Wars with a special Survivor’s prize package for all players that survive and escape.