Rivet Wars: The Big Push

Rivet Wars

The Central Command for both the Blight and the Allies are nervous about rumblings from the West.
Something has to decisively change and soon.

And because Central Command demands decisive action, they will be adding something powerful to the mix.

Rivet Wars Box

Rivet Wars: The Big Push is an escalating-engagement Tourney Event.

Players will begin by pairing off and picking a faction, either Allies or Blight, splitting the Eastern Front starter box between them. Then, each round players will be opening a box of Kickstarter extras to be split as well.


These extras will be allowed in all successive rounds of the event
Round 1) Allied: Cher Ami Blight: Elsa Frost
Round 2) Allied: M3 Vertical Tank Blight: Landkrieger
Round 3) Allied: M7 Boss Blight: Sturmrad

All participants will receive a KS exclusive Macleod’s Guards Vs. Baron Munchen Gaurds box at the Start of the event with additional prizes to the top three players.


This will be a three round Swiss style tournament
The standard tournament rules can be found here.

The event will be held on Saturday from 10a-2p with a maximum of 12 players.