CMON, Inc. Ultimate Game Challenge


Last year many of you may have noticed participants wearing ribbons with the names each of our games.
These were earned by playing a demo of each game and collecting them.

Rum and Bones

This year we have decided to give them a bit more importance and also challenge attendees to “Play all the Games!”
During the show, if you play in an organized CMON, Inc game event you will receive a ribbon for that game. Also if you play a complete non tournament game during the show you will also receive a ribbon for that game.


Each time you are rewarded a new ribbon come by the Event Headquarters station to have it logged (and hopefully you will also be wearing yours).

At the awards ceremony Sunday afternoon at least 3 names will be drawn from those who have played EVERY game there is a ribbon for.

Wrath of Kings

But what will they win, you ask? The Ultimate CMON, Inc. Kickstarter package. The winners will be eligible for 1 basic level (a copy of the game plus any free stretch goals reached) of a Kickstarter campaign of their choice that CMON, Inc. launches from the end of the 2014 Expo until the start of the 2015 Expo.


The winners will still be able to purchase add-ons for their campaign via the pledge manager.