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Eric Lang, professional game designer, announced as special guest


February 28th, 2013


Eric Lang, professional game designer, is going to be one of our special guests here at CMON Expo.

Eric Lang

Eric will be joining us to talk about game design and his thoughts on the gaming world. Eric has been designing and developing games professionally for fifteen years, with a specialty in fantasy/sci fi board games and card games. Born in Montreal, Canada, he has been surrounded by games and gaming culture since the impressionable age of 8. With that sort of experience, you know he’ll have a lot to say.

As one of the primary designers for the innovative Quarriors dice game, Eric is willing to push the bounds of game design, bringing in elements not seen before and taking old staples and adapting them in new ways. As the gaming world changes, Eric will be there at the front, guiding it along.