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Dice! Camera! Updates!

Dice! Camera! Updates!


January 22nd, 2016



Action Phase

Action Phase Games is a game design studio based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their first game, Heroes Wanted, was released in 2014.

Travis R. Chance is a project manager and game designer from Indianapolis, IN. Having just moved back to the Midwest from a decade in NYC, he has devoted all of his time and effort toward creating and designing games. Whether he is organizing a monthly board game meet up here in Indy, or playing games at his favorite haunts, his insight and passion for this hobby is beyond the pale. Heroes Wanted is his second board game – Infamy was his first.

Nick Little is a data analyst and game designer from Indianapolis with a degree in economics. He enjoys playing all kinds of strategic and tactical board games. Nick has played in five Magic: the Gathering Pro Tours. He made over $50,000 playing UDE’s Vs. System CCG. Before starting work on Heroes Wanted and The Stuff of Legend, Nick spent months helping with the development of another game, Infamy.



Guilherme, or ‘Guile’, started out with AD&D. The magic, adventure, and storytelling fascinated him, so he became a Game Master and started to create and test content. His opportunity to join the gaming industry came with Arcadia Quest, a project in which he teamed up with long time friends Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret, and legendary game designer Eric Lang. He went on to become the Lead Designer on the Beyond the Grave and Pets expansions and later started working as a developer and producer for other CoolMiniorNot titles, such as Queen’s Necklace, B-Sieged, and Masmorra. He’s always thrilled to hear ideas or sit down for a gaming session!



Rum & Bones Legend Tournament

Ahoy Mateys! Many new Heores and Villains have appeared to vie for the treasure of Davey Jones himself. Are you ready to join the chase and take your place among them?

In this event you may bring a crew and ship from any and all figures released.

Crew must conform to normal rules of faction and type.

This will be a three round event with an additional final round played of the top two players.

The champion of this event will become a Legendary Character in a future set or expansion for Rum & Bones. Will your skill and cunning lead the greatest crew on the high seas or will you end up as Kraken bait?

This event will set sail Friday at 6pm.