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February 17th, 2017


Hey there, everyone. We’ve got another update for CMON Expo 2017! This time around, we’re adding to our Guest Page with a couple more returning members of the CMON family.

Thiago Aranha

Thiago fell into the gaming industry rabbit hole as part of the design team for Arcadia Quest. Parallel to that, he started doing work for CMON’s many other games, starting as a proofreader (or Loophole Master, as he calls it) on games like Zombicide and Kaosball, and eventually moving on to fully join the CMON team as a producer for games such as Blood Rage, The Others, The Godfather, and Rising Sun. Thiago can often be found frantically running many of CMON’s Kickstarter campaigns, with his faithful Magic 8-Ball at his side.

Guilherme Goulart

Guilherme, or ‘Guile’, joined the gaming industry with Arcadia Quest, where he teamed up with long time friends Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret, and legendary game designer Eric Lang. He went on to become the Lead Designer on the Beyond the Grave and Pets expansions for Arcadia Quest and later started working as a developer and producer for other CMON games like Masmorra, Rum & Bones, Xenoshyft, and Looterz. Guile is currently working on upcoming titles, so look for him to try out the latest CMON games at Expo!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get even closer to Expo 2017