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Congratulations Ultimate Gaming Challenge Winners

Congratulations Ultimate Gaming Challenge Winners


June 26th, 2015



This year at the CMON Expo we tried something a little different.

We like games. We know you like games. So why not have an event about ALL THE GAMES!?
That is what the Ultimate Gaming Challenge was all about.

For every game played, participants could earn points toward special game components not normally available.
For those who played at least 10 different CMON games during the weekend, they were entered into a special drawing.

The winners of the event were Josef Carathers and Cheri Searles

“What did they win?” you ask

They each get the basic pledge level on the Kickstarter of their choice between now and the CMON Expo next year!
Pretty sweet deal, eh!?

That’s just one of the awesome new events we had at CMON Expo 2015.