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CMON Expo 2019 Sold Out!!

Jason PolarBear

April 12th, 2019


Everyone! We have exciting news! CMON Expo 2019 is sold out! The response from each and every one of you has been amazing and, well, we’ve hit our limit! This is going to be an amazing show. We’re busy working behind the scenes filling up the weekend with amazing panels featuring our outstanding guests. It’s going to be nonstop action and fun and we can’t wait to see you there.

If you missed out, we apologize. But we’ll have updates from the show talking about all the great stuff we’re showing off.

We can’t wait for CMON Expo 2019 and we hope to see you there!


  1. Marco Pineda says:

    Is there a chance of more tickets opening up?

  2. Steven Smith says:

    Any way to get a pass now? Can you guys not get a bigger room?

  3. Kasey says:

    I assume the sell out includes single day passes as well?

  4. Natalie Pease says:

    Hi- is there a wait list? My brother is coming to town for this expo and he got his ticket but I was waiting for my paycheck. I would love to be on a waitlist do a family pass.

  5. Chris says:

    Laaaaaaame. Didn’t expect a sell out, but I guess I’ll be missing this for thebfirst time in 4 years

    • Guy Himber says:

      Hello Chris,
      The event is SOLD OUT. We don’t anticipate having any additional tickets becoming available. Best Wishes, CMON Inc.

  6. Craig W Boemper says:

    If 2 tickets come available, I would very much like to purchase them. Thank you.

  7. Ryan Nichols says:

    I have four friends that have tickets, but a few more wanted join and it just got sold out :( Is there any way we could get more tickets, maybe without swag bags?

    • Guy Himber says:

      Hello Ryan,
      The event is SOLD OUT. We are sorry we can’t offer more tickets for the event, but we hope to expand our capacity for 2020. We hope to see you next year!

  8. Chris Flohr says:

    Will you be selling tickets at the door, or have you sold out entirely? Thanks!

    • Guy Himber says:

      Hello Chris,
      The event is SOLD OUT so we will not be offering any tickets at the door.
      Please join us next year!

  9. Mitchell Hines says:

    Hi, I sent an email about my ticket. I purchased one via paypal and never got an email with the ticket confirmation. I am trying to figure out what happened and it looks like it’s sold out so I don’t want to be out a ticket due to a technical error.

    • Mitchell Hines says:

      Hi, I see my comment is still awaiting moderation. Could someone please help me out? I also emailed.

      • Guy Himber says:

        Hi Mitchell
        Sorry for the delay, our IT is still trying to verify you billing
        More soon!

    • Guy Himber says:

      Hi Mitchel, I know you have been talking to our IT team to get your ticket sorted out. I just wanted to let you know that your badge has been printed and it will be ready for you at Registration! Thanks for your patience. G.

  10. Justin Nichols says:

    I fully understand it’s SOLD OUT, and thankfully we got our tickets day one. But I am curious, if you are able and willing, CMON, what was the cap?

  11. Mike Brown says:

    I just found out I can’t make it to Atlanta for cmon expo , how can I get a refund for my 3 day passes ?

  12. ART DOMINGUEZ says:

    Where can I go to download our passes? Purchased 3 day passes months ago and can’t find my print out.

  13. John H says:

    Will swag bags still be available Sunday? I have a 3-day/Swag badge, but, unfortunately, I have had some conflicts arise that lock me up on Friday and Saturday, and I won’t be able to make it until then.

  14. NESTOR PEREZ says:

    I paid in February and I haven’t received any badge/confirmation
    I just have the paypall debit and a receiptt from paypall so far CMON
    hasn’t respond and they don’t have any phones to answer anything (convention team).
    tomorrow ill be there in the morning with my paypall receipt hoping someone
    answer. I spend a lot of money just to be able to travel / hotel. and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get in. Truly disappointed with this company.

  15. L Rad says:

    Parking? Where do we park? Thanks!

  16. JW says:

    Left this message yesterday but it was deleted. Is there anyway a ticket can be transferred to someone else? I have someone that came in from out of town to go but didn’t get their ticket in time. But have a friend not using theirs at all.

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