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CMON Expo 2019 Dates Announced


December 14th, 2018


One of the most exciting weekends of the year is CMON Expo! Join us in Atlanta from May 31 – June 2, 2019. At CMON Expo, you get the chance to meet some of the designers behind your favorite games, like Eric M. Lang and Michael Shinall, try out the hottest new titles, sometimes months ahead of their release, and of course, get to pick up Swag Bags full of amazing CMON Goodies! Tickets will be on sale soon, so be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page and for updates!


  1. Rick White says:

    I just found out about CMON EXPO but now I see that I am too late. Is there no way for an old man gamer (58) to get into your show. I love your games.

  2. Denny says:

    Where is this being held? Why don’t you have the location listed on this website? Downtown Atlanta is a big place!

  3. WJD says:

    Wonderful con, very seedy location. But I did see Hollywood types there last year…and other professionals, :)

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