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Classes! Vendors! Special Events!

Classes! Vendors! Special Events!


May 15th, 2015


Hello again everyone and welcome to another Friday update for CMON Expo 2015! We’ve got another great set of things to show off that we’ll have at this year’s show. We’ll start off with some new painting classes, then go on to talk about another of our distinguished vendors (one that’s been with us since the very beginning!), and a brand new vendor that’ll have some cool new games to show off.

Elizabeth Beckley

Elizabeth Beckley

To start things off, we’ve added another 3 classes to our Painting Classes page. You can learn how to paint chibi models with Elizabeth Beckley, or you can gets some info on The Art and Craft of Mini Sculpting with Patrick Masson, or overcome and Lose the Fear of Greenstuff with Joe Orteza. The choice is yours!


Up next we’re happy to have The Miniature Building Authority once again come to the CMON Expo.

The Miniature Building Authority is the brain-child of Kirk Stephens. It began when a customer of his at The War Room, Jim Elmore, showed him some gaming sized homes (25mm) that he had scratch built in his spare time. Jim is an experienced commercial modelmaker and is very creative. They worked out a plan where Kirk bought the originals from Jim in the hopes of one day beginning a company to sell them.

The name, Miniature Building Authority, was thought up one night by a friend of ours, John Reno. Said half in jest, we decided we liked the name and he has been rather pleased with himself ever since (Thank you Reno!)

Parry entered the picture when Kirk was practicing his sales pitch for banks on him. Parry either got tired of hearing the sales pitch and wanted to make Kirk stop, or he decided it sounded good and wanted to invest in the business. Either way, that is how Parry got into the picture.

It’s always a great time with the MBA guys around!

Loser Wins Logo

Finally, a brand new face for the CMON Expo! We’d like to graciously welcome Loser Wins Games!

Loser Wins! is a game studio comprised of two brothers, their families, and a team of artists and engineers helping them bring new gaming experiences to life. The brothers have been making and playing custom tabletop and miniatures games for more than 20 years, and after attending CMON Expo 2014, they got to work concepting, designing, and testing their latest batch. Currently, the roster of titles that will be playable at CMON EXPO 2015 includes:

Flee You Fools! – A card-based tabletop game in which your merry band of fantasy archetypes such as archers, rogues, wizards, knights, and orcerers (which are orc sorcerers, of course) disable traps, use special ability toolkits on obstacles, and basically try to stay one step ahead of the hordes of monsters coming after them. For 1-6 players of ‘all ages’.

My Idiot Friends – This is a game for 3-12 adults who are ready to have some fun. For people whose opinions are stronger than their wits, this very well might be the ideal game. Some bluffing and luck come in handy, too, as you argue for the outcome you’re betting on (or against). EXPO Note: The brothers are planning to set up an evening game of My Idiot Friends at the Marriott Marquis Lounge, as an event open to EXPO attendees, and others staying at the hotel who might want to join in…

The Mystery Title‘ – A surprise to be revealed at the CMON EXPO on June 19th. The Loser Wins! website mentions that the game involves Annie Oakley and brimstone, and a big steam-powered dragon seems to be involved, but other than that the details are unknown. Tactical and story-based gameplay for two players.

Special EXPO Swag Note: CMON EXPO 2015 attendees who register on the Loser Wins! website prior to the show at are eligible for some exclusive free swag only available at the show. Just stop by the Loser Wins! table at the expo to collect it!

Be sure to tune in next week for another CMON Expo 2015 update! We’re getting close now, people!