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3 New Events Added

3 New Events Added


January 23rd, 2015


We’ve added 3 new events to the Events Page.

Two are specifically designed to help you get into either Dark Age or Wrath of Kings.


Dark Age and Wrath of Kings Build And Play

A new idea in miniatures gaming! Pick out the starter of your choice then sit down with like-minded (or just plain curious) participants to assemble your force. Once you have it ready, play in a special Intro level tournament. Prizes will be awarded for tournament results.

Starters must be purchased at the event. A special event discount will be offered. All tools are provided for assembly.


Dark Age: Battle for the Northern Wastes

Large forces are on the move. The enraged Salt Nomads march towards the Slavers of Chains Barrow, set upon their course of vengeance. All eyes turn towards the north, and old enemies take advantage of the distraction to draw their plans against one another.
This will be a multiplayer 300 point force per participant event using Dark Age 2015 Rules