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3 More Special Guests Announced

3 More Special Guests Announced


January 30th, 2015


We’ve added another 3 Special Guests to the lineup for this year’s CMON Expo!

Let’s just see who they are:


Thiago Aranha

Thiago Aranha cut his teeth on the gaming industry as part of the design team for Arcadia Quest, learning the ropes under the guidance of Eric Lang. Paralel to that, he started doing work for CMoN’s many other games, starting as a proofreader (or Loophole Master, as he calls it) on games like Zombicide and Kaosball, and eventually moving on to fully join the CMoN team as a producer for games such as Rivet Wars, Dogs of War, The World of Smog, and Rum & Bones. He’s always eager to talk about the many upcoming projects (reserving the right to hold on to some secrets).


Guilherme Goulart

Guilherme Goulart blames AD&D. It left an impression on him back then, and he went on to become a Game Master for many years. Magic the Gathering was the next step, and gaming never stopped from there. His opportunity to join the gaming industry came with Arcadia Quest, a project in which he teamed up with long time friends Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret, and the legendary game designer Eric Lang. After Arcadia Quest, he also worked as the Lead Designer on its first expansion: Beyond the Grave, the undeadly campaign from the afterlife. He’s hard at work at new Arcadia products and will be excited to hear ideas or sit down for a gaming session!


Caleb Wissenback

Caleb Wissenback has only been painting competitively since 2010, but in that time, he’s won a number of Golden Demons and Crystal Brush trophies. His armies have taken Best of Show at many tournaments and have been featured in White Dwarf magazine. In his spare time Caleb works as a commission painter under the name CK Studios, and has become a popular instructor at conventions and hobby events. We’re happy to have Caleb sharing his skills with us this year!