2019 Events


Potion Explosion Mini-Tourney:
The finals are here for potion-making class. But what student will walk away with top honors? Play in this Potion Explosion mini-tournament and you could walk away with Valedictorian honors, including a custom game mat, special fulminating potions, and more!

Potion Explosion Learn-to-Play:
Grab your schoolbooks and recipe guides. It’s time for potion class. Welcome students to Potion Explosion, the marble-plucking game of potion creation. Participants will experience a full game of Potion Explosion as they learn the rules of the game during this event.

Starks-Vs.-Lannisters Mini-Tourney:
On the battlefield, two of the mightiest Houses in Westeros clash for dominance. In this mini-tournament for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, players will fight for the chance to win a Red Wedding Roose Bolton Alternate Sculpt miniature, Stark or Lannister plastic banners, or a seat on the Iron Throne (not guaranteed).

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Learn-to-Play:
Robert Baratheon is dead. The Iron Throne is empty. Who will next be the ruler of Westeros is up for debate. In this learn-to-play event for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, players will get a full game experience as they learn the rules for this exciting tactical miniatures game.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Tournament:
All of Westeros is commanded by the person seated on the Iron Throne. That seat is currently vacant. Can you fill it? In this head-to-head tournament for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, players will compete over multiple rounds, showing their skills as Commanders of their chosen House, for a chance to be crowned ruler of all, gaining fame and fantastic prizes as their reward.

Zombicide: Black Plague Nightmares Event:
The evil Necromancers are raising the dead for their own nefarious gains. The few Survivors that are left are facing a waking nightmare. In this event, players will participate in the unique Zombicide: Black Plague: Nightmares campaign, playing one of three special scenarios. Participants may shamble away with a special Bruce Survivor and custom dice.

Zombicide: Black Plague Learn-to-Play:
The dead are back and they’re hungry for living flesh. Only through using cooperation, wiles, and a little luck will the Survivors remain alive, and not join the shambling horde themselves. Players will get a full Zombicide: Black Plague game experience as they learn to take out zombies and work together in this introductory event.

Zombicide: Cars, Food or Guns Event:
What’s the most important thing in an apocalypse? Cars, Food, or Guns? In this Zombicide event, players can find out for themselves as they play one of three special scenarios. Participants may get a special Survivor as well as unique dice in this cooperative event.

Zombicide: Black Friday Event:
Malls can be a great place to get everything you need in one stop. They can also be infested with the crawling dead, making it the last stop you ever make. In this Zombicide event, players will go on a shopping spree like no other, participating in one of three special scenarios. They make come out with a distinct Survivor miniature and some unique dice, or may never come out again.

Zombicide: Zombie Trap Event:
One usually wants to stay out of prison. When it’s a prison full of zombies, even more so. But these zombies pose a threat, should they find their way out. Best to put an end to them here and now. In this Zombicide event, players will participate in one of three unique scenarios. Should they make it out of their time in lock-up, they may get a special Survivor miniature or custom dice.

Zombicide: Bluehand Protocol Event:
The person known only as Bluehand might be the last hope for humanity. With a little research, he may be able to fix the zombie problem once and for all. In this special Zombicide event, players must work together to protect Bluehand as he finishes his research and saves the world. Success may bring a special Survivor figure and custom dice, along with the eternal thanks of mankind.

Blood Rage Mini-Tourney:
The end of the world is nigh, but that’s just a chance for a new beginning. Viking clans clash in the race to Ragnarok, afterward celebrating in Valhalla. In this tournament for Blood Rage, the most successful Clans can possibly toast victory with special First Player Horn tokens, reinforced Valhalla boards, unique Clan tokens, or more.

Blood Rage Learn-to-Play:
Valhalla awaits for those that die in glorious battle. But before you can wield an axe against a foe, you must learn how to use it. In this learn-to-play event, players will participate in a full game of Blood Rage, learning the ins and outs of this exciting Viking board game saga.

Bloodborne: The Card Game Mini-Tourney:
The Chalice Dungeon holds many dangers. Hunters will almost certainly face their death numerous times. But who will gather the most Blood Echoes and Trophies? In this tournament for Bloodborne: The Card Game, players may not only survive, but come away with cool trophies like a custom game mat, first-player tracker, or Trophy tokens.

Bloodborne: The Card Game Learn-to-Play:
An untrained Hunter going into a Chalice Dungeon will certainly fail. Best to be fully prepared before heading into the dark depths. In this learn-to-play event, players will get a full game of Bloodborne: The Card Game, being taught the ropes by a veteran Hunter as they go.

Arcadia Quest: Riders Mini-Tourney:
Walking into battle is so passé. It’s so much cooler to vanquish foes astride a mighty steed! In this tournament for Arcadia Quest: Riders, the different Guilds will fight for the right to claim one of two unique Mounts, as well as possibly snag a handful of special dice, if they’re lucky.

Arcadia Quest: Riders Learn-to-Play:
If you fall off that rhino, you’d best get up and try again. In this learn-to-play event for Arcadia Quest: Riders, aspiring Guild members will get a full game experience as they learn the ropes of training and caring for their special beasty friends from a fully experienced Guild member.

Gizmos Learn-to-Play:
Before a scientist can compete in the Great Science Fair, they must learn the ins and outs of all the various gadgets that go into making the best machines. In this learn to play event for Gizmos, aspiring scientists will get a full game experience as they’re guided through what makes the best machines run and what will surely impress the judges at the Fair.

Rising Sun Tournament:
The Kami have returned, and they are not pleased. They have decided to remake Japan using the tenants of whichever Clan can prove they are the strongest and wisest. In this tournament for Rising Sun, players will compete to have their Clan chosen as the best in the land, receiving rare and wonderous prizes for their efforts.

Rising Sun Learn-to-Play:
One does not rise to the rank of Clan Leader immediately. It takes years of training and dedication. In this event for Rising Sun, aspiring Leaders will go through a full game while learning what it takes to be a true leader, balancing strength, cunning, and diplomacy in various measure.

Victorian Masterminds Learn-to-Play:
Sherlock Holmes, the World’s Greatest Detective, has gone missing. All over the world, ne’er do wells are trying to jump on the opportunity to put their foul plans into action. In this learn to play event for Victorian Masterminds, players will get a full game experience as these fledgling world-conquerors are trained by an experienced Mastermind. But are they being trained for nefarious purposes?

Newton Learn-to-Play:
It’s the Renaissance in Europe. Great minds are making the most profound discoveries of the century. The giants of science are taking students on to teach the next generation of geniuses. In this learn-to-play event for Newton, scientists-to-be get training in a full game experience as they find out what it takes to make breakthroughs that will get their name to go down in history.

Narcos Learn-to-Play:
El Patron’s drug empire seems like it will never fall. However, an eclectic collection of Factions are looking to bring him to justice. In this learn-to-play event for Narcos, players will get a full-game experience in this deadly game of hide and seek, playing as either a leader of one of the Factions, or as the dangerous El Patron himself.

Grizzled: Armistice Edition Learn-to-Play:
A call for General Mobilization has been put out. WWI is underway! But who will make it out of this conflict alive? In this learn-to-play event for The Grizzled: Armistice Edition, players will get a full-game experience in the trenches of the Western Front, going from fresh recruits to seasoned veterans under the tutelage of France’s finest instructors.

Lorenzo il Magnifico Learn-to-Play:
The greatest families in Florence are vying to be the ones whose name will go down in history. In this learn to play event for Lorenzo il Magnifico, the family’s pages will get a lesson in gaining influence in the flourishing and historic streets via a full game experience.

Kick-Ass Learn-to-Play:
The streets of New York are overcrowded with crime. The police can’t or won’t do anything about it. It’s up to you to clean them up. In this learn to play event for Kick-Ass, brand new costumed crime fighters will study under a caped veteran, honing their skills against evil-doers with a full game’s time to master the ropes.

Railroad Ink Learn-to-Play:
New land has opened up between several major cities. New transportation routes must be built to connect them. It’s a rush to see whose design will be implemented. In this learn to play event for Railroad Ink, brand new transportation engineers will get a full game’s worth of time to learn all they can about creating the most efficient and effective rail and highway networks from an experienced Road-and-Rail-ologist.

Dream On Learn-to-Play:
Have you ever had an amazing dream that you’ve wanted to remember forever? Or do they just blow away like dust in the wind? In this learn to play event for Dream On, players will go on a dreamy, wild ride through their subconscious, looking to remember their dreams, getting a full game’s experience and guidance from an expert dream analyst guide.