2017 Guests

Thiago Aranha

Thiago fell into the gaming industry rabbit hole as part of the design team for Arcadia Quest. Parallel to that, he started doing work for CMON’s many other games, starting as a proofreader (or Loophole Master, as he calls it) on games like Zombicide and Kaosball, and eventually moving on to fully join the CMON team as a producer for games such as Blood Rage, The Others, The Godfather, and Rising Sun. Thiago can often be found frantically running many of CMON’s Kickstarter campaigns, with his faithful Magic 8-Ball at his side.

Ash Barker – Guerrilla Miniature Games

Ash first discovered miniature war-games in 1988 in the back of Fighting Fantasy Choose your Own Adventure books. In the thirty-ish years since, he has been fascinated by Toy Soldiers. After a thirteen year tour at Games Workshop, he found himself back in his home country of Canada with a growing family and a storage unit full of models from a lifetime working in Gaming. The natural decision for him, like most people with too much time on their hands, was to start a YouTube channel. Championing the exploration of a wider world of Wargaming, he focuses on broadening his audience’s exposure to games they might not get to see, as well as revisiting great games from the past. When he isn’t showcasing indie games and painting an endless queue of toys, he’s at home with his two wonderful kids; pretending he’s a grown-up so that they’ll eat their dinners.

fel small bio

Felipe de Oliveira Barros

Fel is a long-time gamer and platypus lover that is nearing the end of his challenge of playing 1,000 different board games. He debuted in the game industry to correct an injustice and put a platypus as the main character in his first game, Warzoo, published by CMON’s partner, Galápagos Jogos. He went on to develop several other family games before joining CMON as a Senior Game Developer where he has worked on several CMON projects such as Massive Darkness, The Godfather, World of Smog: Rise of Moloch, and Rising Sun.
He has also designed Gekido: Bot Battles and Looterz ,and you will be able to challenge him during CMON Expo!


Rhonda Bender

For years Rhonda Bender was a normal gamer. Then in 2003 she painted a miniature and was hooked. Since then Rhonda, aka Wren, has become a noted painter, working for producers like Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, and Newbold World. Her smooth brushwork and playful use of color have taken top honors in painting competitions throughout North America. Her enthusiasm, approachability, and teaching skills have made her a highly sought after instructor and frequent guest of honor at game industry events. We’re thrilled Rhonda will be joining us again as a guest artist for this year!

Brittanie Boe – GameWire

Brittanie Boe is known most prominently in the world of tabletop as the unstoppable Bebo, editor of TheGameWire.Com, host of the GameWire YouTube channel, and handles the social media for the brand. The GW brand is the marketing arm of GTS Distribution, of which Bebo is the face. Helping people learn about new and exciting games (as well as fun classics) is her job, and one she relishes. She also helps her daughter create her own tabletop gaming videos and at times they create them together. You find her around the convention playing games and creating content! Feel free to say hi or stop by to take a selfie!

Kevin Burkhardsmeier

Kevin Burkhardsmeier is founder of Board Game Theater where he and his family play board games in costume in thematic character. Kevin is also co-host of the Burky & Badger Board Game Babble Show and is a contributor to the Dice Tower Board Game Breakfast Show. Kevin’s enthusiasm for tabletop games is contagious, and he loves evangelizing the hobby.
He has recently featured as The Sheriff of Nottingham, The King of Royals, and a Viking chieftain of the new game Spoils of War.

Marty Connell – Rolling Dice & Taking Names

Marty and Tony are the co-hosts of the bi-weekly podcast Rolling Dice & Taking Names. Longtime friends since college, these two southern gentlemen have shared their experiences, thoughts and reviews for the past several years on board games. Their love of games can easily be traced back to their childhood years as they would sit around with family and friends playing the classic board games. In 2001, they began their dive into gaming when they both started playing CCGs, which lead them to the board gaming world. While they sometimes get off track with their ‘squirrel’ moments, you can be sure that when you give them a listen, it is like sitting on a front porch with friends enjoying a Moon Pie and RC Cola while having a good discussion about board games.

Josh Eisbrenner – So1ks Gaming

So1ks Gaming started as a group of friends playing games each week and hosting events at Gen Con each year. After Josh was medically retired, the gang encouraged him to do something he loves. Josh became a reviewer and started a new page for So1ks Gaming. You may not recognize him by his looks but Josh has written over 100 game reviews in a year and half including many CMON Games. The mystery of how he got the nickname Taco is still unknown but we love his Taco rating scale. Josh also has started painting miniatures and loves to share pictures and answer any questions people may have. You can find Josh’s work at www.so1ks.com or talk to him on twitter @so1ks.


Zee Garcia – The Dice Tower

Zee Garcia has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University in Fine Arts/Theatre. He has previously taught theater for several years, directed over a dozen plays, and been involved with multiple South Florida and New York theaters and theatrical companies, including Murder Mystery, Inc. and The Broward Center for the Performing Arts. He has enjoyed board games for over a decade and has been working with The Dice Tower for years. Zee films and edits reviews, interviews, Top 10 lists, and more. He also hosts and produces Board Game Blender. He lives in Florida, and has done so most of his life.

Guilherme Goulart

Guilherme, or ‘Guile’, joined the gaming industry with Arcadia Quest, where he teamed up with long time friends Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret, and legendary game designer Eric Lang. He went on to become the Lead Designer on the Beyond the Grave and Pets expansions for Arcadia Quest and later started working as a developer and producer for other CMON games like Masmorra, Rum & Bones, Xenoshyft, and Looterz. Guile is currently working on upcoming titles, so look for him to try out the latest CMON games at Expo!

New Jen

Jen Haley

Jen Haley has painted more notable miniatures than a person can keep an accurate count of. Currently her work can be seen on promotional materials, books and boxes for games like Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. And when it comes to conventions, Jen can usually be found sitting at a painting table working on her latest piece. While talking to Jen might be somewhat intimidating, considering the numerous awards she has won and the prestige she has as a celebrity judge, she’s always willing to swap tips and tricks for getting your miniatures looking just right.


Sam Healey – The Dice Tower

Sam Healey is a reviewer and editor for The Dice Tower. He is also the co-host of The Dice Steeple, an audio podcast about our board game hobby from a Christian perspective, with an interest in bridging the gaps between various world-views. He chooses to not align strictly with either the Eurogame or Amerithrash crowd, but instead enjoys playing whatever flavor of game has been chosen for the day…it’s more about the camaraderie around the game, than the game itself. He lives in Homestead, FL with his beautiful wife and their four children.

Dan King – The Game Boy Geek

The Game Boy Geek’s mission is helping you find the next board game you’ll love by attacking reviews with high energy. Over the last 4 years, he’s produced over 1000 videos and reviewed over 850 games which have approximately 5 million views. He’s also a saxophone artist and serenades games as an induction to his gaming library. Dan thrives on being an engaging member of the board gaming community and spreads his contagious energy to everyone he meets one hug at a time. (yes, he’s a “hugger”).

Eric M. Lang

Eric M. Lang is the Director of Game Design at CMON and has been a tabletop industry veteran for over 20 years. During his time in the industry, he has worked with several high-profile companies, including Wizards of the Coast, WizKids, and Fantasy Flight Games, and has designed games based on Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. With CMON, Eric has designed several beloved games, including Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest, Bloodborne: The Card Game, and more. In 2016, Eric was the recipient of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. Other accolades include multiple The Dice Tower Awards and five Origins Awards.

Teri Litorco

Teri Litorco – That Teri Girl

Teri Litorco is a YouTuber blogger, Geek & Sundry contributor, and a CMON fangirl at heart. She bills herself as what would happen if Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart combined to make a single person who loved miniature wargaming more than cooking and folding laundry. While a long-in-the-tooth hobbyist herself, having been painting and playing with miniatures for over a decade, her goal is simple: to demonstrate to the world that painting models and playing games is both fun and easy, and even people who have never picked up a brush or a dice can easily learn and love to do both.

Dawn & Gianna Lomax – Beasts Of War

Dawn & Gianna Lomax have been part of the Beasts of War team for the past 4 years, providing state-side presence for the world’s best table top gaming community. The ladies write regular news articles and reviews for the site as well as Live Blogging convention coverage from some of the industry’s favorite cons. They share an absolute love for gaming and have vastly different gaming interests, which makes for great conversation from different perspectives. Dawn is a Kickstarter addict, loves board games, cosplay (when combined- even better!), and anything fantasy, steampunk or horror related. Gianna is all about historical, miniature wargaming, and 3D printing. They will be live blogging from CMON Expo and are looking forward to playing games and meeting fellow gamers. Be sure to stop and say hello to the to the BoW team.

Pep MacDonald – Watch It Played

Focused on teaching games rather than reviewing them, Watch It Played has generated a huge following of loving fans that continually return to Rodney Smith and Pep MacDonald’s videos for help understanding rules. Maybe it’s the Canadian in them, but the guys of Watch It Played are some of the nicest in the industry! So track down Pep and say hello while you’re at the Expo!

Chaz Marler – Pair of Dice Paradise

Chaz has had a passion for playing and creating board games for as long as he can remember. He created his first game in second grade. It was a simple dinosaur themed roll-and-move game. It had a track of about 30 spaces, and used tiny plastic dinosaur toys. It was simple, but his fellow second graders loved it. That was all it took; he was hooked on playing and tinkering with board games from that moment on. But recently, Chaz found his work life slowly encroaching more and more into his home life. He desperately needed a vacation from his vocation. To remedy this, Chaz decided to launch pairofdiceparadise.com, a blog with reviews, news and commentary about board games.

Nathan Pullan

Nathan Pullan – That Teri Girl

Nathan can be found on Teri Litorco’s YouTube channel, where he’s either letting the zombies kill her in Zombicide so he can make an escape, or otherwise trolling her about poor (gaming) life decisions. When not drinking (rarely), he can be found taking the piss out of older games that have lost their way.

Michael Shinall

Joining CMON as a developer for Dark Age, Michael has since gone on to design numerous miniature games and board games during his tenure at CMON, including Wrath of Kings, Xenoshyft, Rum & Bones, and the newly announced Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game. Now working as Senior Developer, Michael devotes his days to solidifying game rules and designs, and splits his nights between competitive online gaming and working to find the actual end of the internet. Join him at CMON Expo to gain access to secrets long forgotten and a wealth of forbidden knowledge!

Mark Streed – Boardgame Corner

Mark attended the Colorado Institute of Art, from which he has a degree in Occupational Studies in Photography. In the late 80s and early 90s, he was the photographer for Star Trek, Lucasfilm, and Back to the Future magazines. He also spent many hours playing and reviewing all of the LucasArts games. Now, he is a web developer and technical services manager for Wire Stone LLC. He took his confab public as Boardgame Corner on April 26, 2014.


Tom Vasel – The Dice Tower

Tom Vasel is the host of The Dice Tower, a network of video and audio podcasts about the board game hobby and those who play within it. The Dice Tower audio podcast has been going strong for many years, and the various video reviews from a myriad of contributors, Top 10 Lists, and convention coverage videos are averaging over 2 million views a month on YouTube. He lives in Homestead, FL with his beautiful wife, Laura, and their seven children.

Jeremy Salinas & David Waybright – Man vs Meeple

Jeremy Salinas and David Waybright love talking about board games almost as much as they love playing them. Jeremy started out producing board game videos more than 6 years ago with Drakkenstrike’s Components Breakdown, and set a high bar for production and presentation. Along with David, they developed a new format in early 2016 that is polished and professional, but also casual and accessible. And Man vs Meeple was born. Their goal with Man vs Meeple is to give the hobby the respect that it deserves, and produce board game videos in a way that legitimizes their favorite hobby.

Clay Williams

Artist Clay Williams has been painting miniatures since the 1990 release of HeroQuest. His Primary area of focus has been Games Workshop models. With the growing popularity of many new miniatures games and collector ranges, Williams’ work gained a loyal following, and he has concentrated his efforts on commission painting since 2011. He opened Mastermind Models and Miniatures in Huntsville’s historic Lowe Mill (the largest privately owned artist collective in the United States) in 2014, and has successfully created a special niche in providing miniature painting classes and hobby services. The Mastermind studio has six dedicated workstations with lights, power, tools, and airbrush terminals for students and members. Mastermind also employs many talented miniature painters who are committed to producing the best commission service and experience for all their clients worldwide.


Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal is a company that designs, develops and manufactures terrain for tabletop gaming. Together our staff brings over 100 years of gaming experience and we look forward to putting our passion on your table.

Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority is the brain-child of Kirk Stephens. It began when a customer of his at The War Room, Jim Elmore, showed him some gaming sized homes (25mm) that he had scratch built in his spare time. Jim is an experienced commercial modelmaker and is very creative. They worked out a plan where Kirk bought the originals from Jim in the hopes of one day beginning a company to sell them.


Warsenal is a small company that designs and creates gaming accessories in Orlando, FL. We play every game we make accessories for, and proudly use every product we make personally. Our goal is to improve the games we play wherever we can by making the finest pieces possible